Benefits of a Rollator

Rollator Benefits

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Rollators, walkers with wheels for easy movement, are perfect for those looking for effortless transportation. Rollators are simpler to use as there is no need for lifting as you walk.

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Common FAQs

Who is the Best Candidate for a Rollator?

People use rollators for many reasons, but the most common is that they're looking for a mobility aid that will give them more support than a cane without being slowed down by a walker. Especially for active people who are out and about, a walker can be a huge burden. Rollators are excellent choices for active individuals who are out and about.

How do you Ensure Safe Use with a Rollator?

Standing up, walking, turning, and sitting down with your rollator needs to be done correctly and safely. In standing up, engaging your legs is key. In walking, place your rollator infront of you before taking a step. In turning, stay within the width of the rollator. In sitting down, don't start to sit until you're balanced and standing still. For complete guidance in proper use, please work with one of our experts!

What are the Major Benefits of Using a Rollator?

A few major rollator benefits are that it can be used by many ages, you can sit on them comfortably, they're height adjustable, useful when exercising, and easily transportable. Rollators also support an active lifestyle and function well outdoors. Rollators are affordable and are less expensive then other options including scooters and mobility chairs.

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