Home Evaluation Safety Checklist

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Is your Home Fit for your Mobility Needs?

Use our Safety Checklist to Find Out!

Download our simple Home Evaluation Safety Checklist below to make sure your home is properly equipped with the right safety equipment! A simple product addition can add convenience to your daily activities as well as prevent devastating falls. Take a walk around your home with our downloaded checklist to make sure your home is properly equipped.

If you need safety equipment, or additional guidance, please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop in anytime. We also provide FREE home assessments, where one of our trusted team members will audit your home and evaluate your safety product needs. Contact us with any questions or to request a home assessment today. We're here for you!

Home Assessment Focus - How to assess your home for safety hazards?

Living Area Assessment:

A good first step in making your home and living room more manageable for aging in place is to do a home assessment. Go through your house, room-by-room, looking for problem areas like potential tripping or slipping hazards, as well as areas that are hard to access and difficult to maintain. After identifying problem areas, look for solutions for personal safety and prevent falls.

Bedroom Assessment:

Falls are often due to hazards that are easy to overlook but also easy to fix. Simple things like removing area rugs and making sure there is adequate lighting can make ea big impact for preventing falls. Many home health aids are designed to promote safety in the bedroom. Common aids include adjustable beds, foot stools, walkers, bed rails & more.

Bathroom Assessment:

Over 60% of falls occur at home, with the majority occurring in the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house - and one we spend time in every day! Furthermore, bathroom safety should be considered at every age since fall related injuries in the bathroom are as common among those ages 18-25 as they are among those over 65! Common product solutions include transfer benches, shower benches, non-slip bathmat, grab bars, and more.

Kitchen Assessment:

Because food preparation and eating are important activities of daily living, kitchen safety is essential. While overall design and layout of the kitchen should be considered, there are many products that allow people with physical and functional limitations to work in the kitchen and feed themselves independently. Walker Trays, Non-skid plates and bowls, easy grip cups, foam tubing, and built-up handles are just a few common products that allow independence and safety in the kitchen.

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