Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

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Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

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There are certain decisions we make that improve our overall quality of life, like investing in a wheelchair. If you need assistance getting around on a daily basis, this could be a really great option for you. You’ll notice as you start browsing different selections that there are many to choose from. Here at Medical Store, we want to help our customers choose the product that will best fit their lifestyle. We’ve gathered some essential information on transport chairs to help you make your decision so keep reading.

If you can easily propel yourself forward without using too much effort then you might benefit from a manual wheelchair. Keep in mind that speed is very important in many situations, such as crossing the street, for example. Transport chairs do require a lot of effort so they might be difficult to use for those who suffer from conditions that cause fatigue. This is also why you should consider how often and where you plan to use your manual wheelchair the most. Not all terrain is smooth so you might need extra effort in some situations, like maneuvering curbs. One key benefit of using a transport chair is that most models are portable. You can simply fold up it up, put it in your vehicle, and off you go!

Medical Store is proud to offer various manual wheelchair options. If you’re interested in checking out our inventory, take a look at your website or visit us today! We’re conveniently located in Costa Mesa, CA near Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Irvine.

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